Thermoplastic Molding

Injection Molding


Wiggins Plastics molds virtually all thermoplastic resins in 17, "state of the art" molding presses with tonnages from 50 to 500 Tons clamping force. Shot capacities range from 1 oz. to 60 oz.



Wiggins Plastics has vast experience in both "insert" and "outsert" molding. This involves placement of metallic or non-metallic inserts into the mold thereby producing a finished assembly within the molding cycle.

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPE/TPR)


Wiggins Plastics molds a variety of Thermoplastic Rubbers & Elastomers in various shapes for specific applications. Successes have produced significant savings for our customers by switching from regular rubber to their thermoplastic counterparts.

Engineering & Commodity Resins


Our strength is the ability to match the correct material to a part or an assembly, working with material suppliers to optimize cost, performance, and quality.