Thermoset Molding

Injection Molding


Wiggins Plastics has over 30 years experience in the Injection Molding of Thermosetting plastics. Our facility has 25 molding machines, 22 Tons through 500 Tons, with capacities from 1oz. to 75 oz.



Wiggins Plastics has equipment ranging from 5 Tons to 500 Tons, along with 55 years of expertise in the Compression & Transfer Molding of all of the Thermoset materials.

Sheet Molding


Wiggins Plastics regularly handles Sheet Molding applications for both the Electro/Mechanical industry as well as cosmetic applications for Consumer products.

Bulk Molding


Wiggins Plastics has the capability of handling Bulk Molding compounds in Compression & Transfer processes or using a "stuffer", in the Injection Molding process. High Dielectric & physical strength make this a natural for a Ceramic replacement.

Insert Molding


Wiggins Plastics has the expertise to allow inserts and parts to be molded in one process allowing greater efficiency, thereby reducing costly secondary operations. This can be done in all of the processes noted.