Value Added Services

Automated Assembly


Wiggins Plastics has the capability of the "in-house" manufacture of fully automated finishing and assembly machines used in the production of completed assemblies, consisting of molded and non-molded components. A notable example is the assembly of a 3 ball caster with 10 individual parts shown in the picture. Benefits to our customers are, lower cost, increased productivity, consistent quality, and product reliability.

Component Assembly


Wiggins Plastics has assembly capabilities, whether it be for small electronic parts or more complex large multi-part assemblies. Methods of assembly include heat staking, sonic welding, snap fits, and all manner of fasteners.

Component Packaging


For our customers Wiggins can provide complete packaging of component assemblies or consumer products, bar coded. Two examples of that are finished "packouts" to customers specifications of bedframe components, and consumer products in 4 color packaging.



Wiggins Plastics capabilities for part decoration include Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, Silk Screening, Painting, and Labeling.